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Fine china comes to life through augmented reality

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A British designer of fine china has worked with an animation studio to create an augmented reality app for his latest series.

Augmented reality china
Augmented reality china

The proliferation of good cameras, big displays, and fast processors in smartphones over the last several years has spurred the development of augmented reality apps spanning virtually every category, but here's one you probably haven't seen: your dinner plate. British designer Andrew Tanner created a fine china series celebrating the fauna and flora of an English hedgerow, then worked with animation studio Unanico Group to publish an iOS app that brings the scene to life: aiming the camera at the plate shows a scene of birds and mice exploring their virtual surroundings. It likely doesn't work once you've loaded it with food — but then again, who wants to see a mouse wandering around the table when they're about to eat? Fortunately, you don't need the china to give this a whirl: both the app and design pattern are available for download right now.