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The weird side of CES 2012: Justin Bieber, Solowheels, a Kinect-powered skateboard, and more

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Because CES is more than just Android phones and tablets. It's more than just Windows laptops, HDTVs with various levels of 3D interaction and 12K resolution. It's more than just virtual storage and refrigerators. This is the CES we really and truly love. This is Sony CEO Howard Stringer awkwardly hugging Will Smith on stage. This is a closet that will shake, steam, dry, and freshen your clothes up for you with a variety of selectable aromas. This is more than one instance of dancing robots and more than one celebrity cameo — and one time where both those groups intersected to make Joanna's heart skip a beat. This is our love letter to you, the Consumer Eccentric Show.A special thanks to Borrow Lenses, who provided us with cameras and lenses for the week!