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    No 3G Transformer Prime, says Asus

    No 3G Transformer Prime, says Asus


    Asus has apparently announced that it does not plan to release a 3G version of its Transformer Prime tablet.

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    The saga of the 3G Transformer Prime continues, this time with some bad news. According to Focus Taiwan, Asus has now said that it will not be releasing a 3G version of the tablet, and that "no such product exists on its current roadmap." Previously, we'd seen reports that a 3G Transformer Prime was coming out in March; even earlier, Asus downplayed the need for 3G on its tablets. According to the same report, the company is planning to add 3G to other high-end Transformer product in the future, but at this point you'll probably want to believe that when you see it. Fortunately, none of this should affect shipping of the updated TF700T, which is still apparently expected in the second quarter of 2012.