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Native Instruments teases new DJ controller with Maschine influence

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Native Instruments is teasing a new DJ product that will likely be revealed at NAMM later this week.

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Native Instruments new Traktor product
Native Instruments new Traktor product

DJ controllers: even if you're not a musician — even if you don't like music — it's hard not to appreciate the appeal of a large black box with a countless array of blinky, colorful lights. Native Instruments, maker of the popular Traktor series of DJ software, recently started venturing into the controller market with its X1, S2, and S4 products while attacking the music production space with its Maschine line. By all appearances, they've been met with success (hard to do when you're going up against industry giant Serato), and now the company is teasing a new product that seems to bridge the gap between the ranges.

NI hasn't yet provided a name for the product, but it says that we're looking at "the birth of a groundbreaking new workflow" for DJing with an array of 16 multi-color pads — presumably pressure-sensitive, just like on the Maschine — that that can trigger loops. Our nearest guess is that Native Instruments is looking to do a better job of competing against the powerful Serato / Ableton combo as a live DJ tool — a combo that the two companies have been promoting through a product called The Bridge. NAMM is later this week (we'll be there!) and this new box looks like a lock for an announcement out in Los Angeles, so hopefully we'll get a name, date, and price when that happens.