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Way-Go Torch flashlight uses GPS to guide you in the dark

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The Way-Go Torch is a flashlight, but it's also much more — a GPS, a compass, and a tour guide.

Way-Go Torch
Way-Go Torch

A flashlight is a flashlight, is a flashlight — unless you're using the Way-Go Torch, in which case it's a whole lot more. The Torch is an "intelligent flashlight" that uses GPS and AHRS systems to plot your coordinates, show you directions to your destination, or just help you find your way in the dark, and then uses a pico projector to display all the information on the ground in front of you. The device even uses GPS time to help you choose the best path to walk depending on the time of day, and it shows information about nearby spots as you walk around. Judging from the video below, the only thing it doesn't seem to do is actually light up the space in front of you, and reading the Way-Go's output seems a bit like scanning the Matrix. Nevertheless, we're intrigued by this augmented-reality flashlight, a crazy inversion of the use-your-phone-as-a-flashlight model.