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Music app for Cyanogenmod 9 available for download a little early, Android 4.0 required

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The Music app for Android developed for Cyanogenmod 9 is out now in Beta form and available for download — though it only works with Android 4.0. The new version adds a ton of features and customizations.

Cyanogenmod 9 music
Cyanogenmod 9 music

If you just can't wait for the final version of Cyanogenmod 9 to become available for your device, you can still download at least one small piece of it right now. Developer Andrew Neal has let us know that his Music app for Android is out now in Beta form and available for download — provided you're OK with a little sideloading action and also are running a device with Android 4.0.

The latest version come some way since we last saw it and feels entirely native Ice Cream Sandwich (despite being developed before the Android Design Guidelines were released). It adds in a raft of customizations on top of the stock music app, including gestures, party shuffle, deleting tracks, setting ringtones, app-wide search, customizable playlists, custom controls in the notification area, several custom widgets, shake and flip actions, and more. Neal has also built a full theme engine for the app and is offering a basic template to developers who want to get ready for its eventual inclusion in CM9.

You can download the app directly at the source link below, or if you prefer, wait for it to appear on both Cyanogenmod 9 and the Android Market. The latter won't happen until the app gets a proper name, however, so feel free to drop your suggestions in the comments below.