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Sony teases 'Dot Switch' universal infrared remote control?

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Sony "dot switch" teaser hints at 21 February announcement of IR remote control.

Sony teaser
Sony teaser

Sony Japan is teasing something called "Dot Switch" for February 21st — an apparent play on Sony's "Make Dot Believe" advertising slogan. The video shows what appears to be a Sony Ericsson Arc handset running a simple app that toggles the power on an old gramophone, TV, a quartette of air canons, and finally the lights and a robotic arm that reveals a piano-black monolith. The handset is pointed at each device as you would an IR remote control. The video ends abruptly with the promise of "new entertainment from Sony" on 2.21.2012 — the day before the PS Vita launches in Europe and the US.

Of course, IR remains a very popular feature on mobile devices in Japan and can even be found in the company's Tablet S sold worldwide. Given all this, we'd have to guess that Sony's about to reveal something related to its universal infrared remote control apps... although we're hoping for something more worthwhile of a teaser campaign.