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Crucial m4 SSD firmware update fixes recurring BSOD

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Crucial m4 drives began causing BSOD errors after about 5,000 hours of use, but the company has released a firmware update that fixes the problem.

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Back in December, reports started popping up in Crucial's forums that the company's m4 SSD was causing Blue Screens of Death (remember Windows 98?). Crucial began investigating and found that a bug in the firmware was causing the drive to become unresponsive after 5,184 hours of system on time, and every hour of use thereafter — hence the sudden problem in previously stable systems. The company released a firmware update that fixes the problem on January 13, only to see it buried in an avalanche of CES news. Although you can download firmware update 0309 now, Crucial says you shouldn't if you're using a SAS Expander — an update for those applications is coming soon.