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Android 2.2 cell phone watch introduced by Chinese manufacturer Shenzhen Huitengmei

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Chinese manufaucturer Shenzhen Huitengmei Electronic Technology Development Company displayed an Android 2.2 watch at CES with full calling capabilities thanks to a built-in ARM11 processor.

Android watch at CES
Android watch at CES

We've begun to see a handful of "smart watches" hit the market — devices that pair with smartphones via Bluetooth and provide a quick look at some apps or allow you to take calls — but deep inside the halls of CES 2012, the folks at stumbled upon a standalone Android 2.2 watch. Built by Chinese manufacturer Shenzhen Huitengmei Electronic Technology Development Company (a company that has focused on iPad and tablet cases), the watch on display included GSM SIM card slots for GPRS based on the Mediatek MTK6516 processor, but the rep also claimed that future versions would run on the MTK6573 processor, which would enable 3G speeds. To put things in perspective, this ARM11-based processor is similar to what was found in the original iPhone (minus the 3G), so we're definitely not looking at cutting-edge technology here.

As for the rest of the hardware, the watch sports a 2-inch 320 x 240 screen, an SD slot for storage up to 32GB, and a camera of unspecified resolution. As mentioned, the watch runs Android 2.2 but we can't quite tell from the video whether or not its stock Google — it looks unmodified, but its hard to see what specific apps and services (including the Android Market) are included. It's certainly not the most stylish watch, but if you are dead set against carrying a seperate smartphone, it will set you back $200 — though the company is only selling them in minimum orders of 500 for starters. While we like the idea of a full-featured smartphone watch, we don't think this device will be the one to bring that form factor to the mainstream.