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Samsung teases Galaxy S III at CES, or is it just a mockup?

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An unusual phone is seen in Samsung's CES 2012 wrap-up video, and the speculation is that we could be looking at the Galaxy S III.

Unknown Samsung phone from CES 2012
Unknown Samsung phone from CES 2012

There's some buzz going around today about a phone seen in Samsung's CES 2012 wrap-up video around the 7:11 mark. What is it? The thickness and surface area match up with the Galaxy Note, but Pocket-lint notes that the front-facing camera is on the opposite side, closer to the position of the Galaxy S II. For what it's worth, the screen looks completely mocked up, likely nothing more than a rendering designed specifically for Samsung's camera demo — the bezel looks unreasonably small, the rounded corners are unlikely to make it onto a production device, and the status bar lacks the information that you'd normally expect. Realistically, this could just be a Galaxy S II variant being held by someone with rather small hands.

With speculation rampant that Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S III at MWC next month, that's the phone that everyone is hoping that they're seeing here. Is this it? We've only got a few more weeks to find out.