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Apple files new patent case against Samsung in Germany, asserting design rights

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It looks like 2012 is shaping up to be more of the same in the global patent brawl between Apple and Samsung. Bloomberg's reporting that Apple filed a brand new patent infringement suit against Samsung in Germany, alleging that numerous smartphone devices, including the Galaxy S Plus and the Galaxy S II, infringe Apple's European design rights. Apple's strategy of using its patents on the design aesthetics of the iPhone and iPad to go after Samsung in various countries is nothing new.

However, unlike with many of its current cases against Samsung, Apple seems content on following a more traditional litigation path with this one. Apple has apparently opted not to seek a preliminary injunction in this case. While Apple did enjoy some early successes against Samsung with the filing of preliminary injunctions, the tide appears to have shifted. It seems that courts around the world have become increasingly skeptical of the harsh sanctions a preliminary injunction imposes on a party so it isn't surprising that Apple has reworked its litigation strategies accordingly. It'll be interesting to see if this adjustment to an extended litigation battle will provide additional opportunities or incentives for settlement. Time will tell.