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Samsung has 'not made a firm decision' to merge Bada OS into Tizen

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Samsung now says that it hasn't finalized a decision to roll Bada OS into Tizen.

Samsung Wave 3
Samsung Wave 3

Bada and Tizen are two mobile platforms that haven't had much impact in the market — to be fair, Tizen hasn't yet had the chance to make its mark, but its predecessors (Moblin and MeeGo) certainly did. Bada, meanwhile, soldiers on only because its behemoth benefactor, Samsung, has continued to support it and offer a number of models — mainly in Europe and Asia — that slot in beneath its Android line.

The company had said last week that it would be folding Bada into Tizen, presumably in an effort to pool resources and traction between the two platforms, but Samsung is taking a slightly different tune today according to a statement issued to AllThingsD:

Samsung and other members of Tizen Association have not made a firm decision regarding the merge of bada and Tizen. We are carefully looking at it as an option to make the platforms serve better for customers. As Samsung's essential part of multi-platform portfolio, bada will continue to play an important role in democratizing smartphone experience in all markets. Samsung will also support open source based development and continue to work together with other industry stakeholders.

In other words, this isn't yet a done deal. For what it's worth, Tizen's predecessor — MeeGo — had already been formed from a merger of Intel's Moblin and Nokia's Maemo and saw little success, so Samsung might be taking a step back to figure out whether a merger would really serve anyone's best interests.