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    CBSSports announced today that it is turning its website into a Fantasy Platform, supporting apps for fantasy owners.

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    Fantasy sports are a surprisingly huge business: they generate revenue upwards of $1 billion or more annually, mostly divided between ESPN, Yahoo, and CBSSports. CBS is angling for a larger piece of that cash pie today, announcing a "Fantasy Platform" that allows developers to host and sell apps to fantasy sports fans through (CBS will take a 30 percent cut of any paid apps). There are a half-dozen launch partners, including Bloomberg — the company has previously made stat-rich iOS apps that help you decide who to start every week — and Major League Baseball, which will provide live game video tailored to the players on your team. CBSSports already charges for its fantasy leagues, and its platform is generally considered the best out there — if apps can bring new leagues and new fanatical owners, the Fantasy Platform could be an awfully lucrative proposition. There's a developer page available now, so head on over if you're looking for a head start on the baseball season.