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Notification Control lets you easily tweak your social network notifications

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Inspired by, Notification Control is a handy list of links for quickly tweaking your email notification settings across several social networks.

notification control
notification control

Just a few weeks ago we saw the site that let you easily access permissions settings across your social networks, and Ben Lang and Tim Kendall's new Notification Control offers up a handy list of links for quickly accessing email notification settings on several popular — and some not-so-well-known — social networking sites. Notification Control gathers direct links to those notifications settings pages, saving you from blindly clicking around Facebook or Pinterest in vain. It won't automatically remove anything currently in your inbox, but tweaking these settings can prevent future incoming email. Ben told us that he and Tim were, in fact, inspired by, and plan to add "more services (i.e. more links) depending on what people say." Sure, it's not your next billion dollar IPO, but it's a lot easier than building more Gmail filters to keep your inbox in check.