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Dell Streak 7 gets temperamental Android 4.0 port

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The Dell Streak 7 is getting an unofficial upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich thanks to the TabletROMs community.

Dell 7
Dell 7

We haven't spent much time dwelling on the canceled Dell Streak 7 as of late, but if you bought one of the the seven-inch Android 2.2 tablets, you might be happy to hear that the community is working to bring you an Ice Cream Sandwich for sticking with the slate. DJ_Steve and Giveen over at TabletRoms have a beta build of Android 4.0.3 running on the device, although the word "beta" is capitalized and underlined for good reason — as always, a host of important features (like cellular connectivity) aren't ready for primetime, and forumgoers are reporting other interesting little bugs as well. Still, if the Streak 7 isn't your daily driver, what do you have to lose? You're not going to be getting any Honeycomb from T-Mobile, after all. Find a ZIP file with the ROM and a friendly forum thread at our source link.