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MeeGo Harmattan 1.2 beta headed to developers, public release coming soon

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Nokia has announced that the Harmattan 1.2 beta is headed to N950 Developer Devices shortly.

Nokia N950 Developer Device
Nokia N950 Developer Device

N9 owners, Nokia still loves you. Just four months have passed since Nokia's short-lived flagship device went on sale, and it's already preparing a second major OS update for release. Announced via Nokia's developer blog, the MeeGo Harmattan 1.2 beta is due to be pushed out to owners of the N950 Developer Device shortly. According to the company's Nokia Connects site, the update will include over 3,000 fixes, features, and improvements, and it's rumored that amongst them will be video calling, app folders on the home screen, and updated camera and gallery apps.

Sotiris Makyglannis, Nokia's Director of Applications for MeeGo, hinted via his Twitter account that a public release will come in February, and revealed plans for a "small but valuable" update to 1.3. Even though the company's attention seems to be focused elsewhere, it looks like Nokia is sticking to its promise to support the N9 and Meego.