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BlackBerry gets first commercial NFC mobile wallet application — in Turkey

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Turkish carrier Turkcell has launched the first NFC mobile payment app for BlackBerry, Cep-T Cüzdan, on the Bold 9900.

RIM BlackBerry Bold 9900
RIM BlackBerry Bold 9900

RIM has quietly been equipping many of its devices with NFC capability since last year, but perhaps the juiciest, most consumer-forward application of NFC — mobile wallet — hasn't hit BlackBerry just yet. That changes today with the announcement that RIM and Turkish network Turkcell have partnered to launch the Cep-T Cüzdan mobile payment system on the Bold 9900. The system will work with MasterCard PayPass terminals both domestically and internationally; payments of up to 35 TL ($19) can be completed instantly, while bigger transactions will require a PIN or signature. The service is available starting today, though customers will need to head into a Turkcell store to get an NFC-enabled SIM for their phone.