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Sony to close Dash developer site on February 29th, alarm clock's future uncertain

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Sony's Dash developer website says it will be closing down on February 29, 2012. Sony is still selling Dash devices, but it looks like it's cutting off support of the internet-enabled alarm clocks.

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Sony Dash
Sony Dash

It looks like Sony's Chumby-enhanced Dash alarm clocks might not be with us for much longer. The internet-enabled devices made a bit of a splash at CES 2011, but have fallen off the radar since then, and now the platform's developer website is being shut down. Sony's statement on the site says that come February 29th the website "will close and no longer support development of new applications" and that the developer forums and support email address will be shut down a month later.

It's possible that the move has nothing to do with the success of the Dash: developers may have been working on the Chumby platform in general and not specifically on the Dash anymore. We're sure development for Chumby devices will be unfazed by Sony's decision, though the Dash itself may not survive. Sony is still selling the Dash HID-B70H for $169.95 on its website, and the devices were just updated in October of last year. We'll let you know if we hear more on the (possible) demise of the Dash.