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Foursquare now has 250,000 restaurant menus

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Foursquare announced a partnership today with SinglePlatform to bring 250,000 menus to the platform. The feature is available now on the mobile and desktop websites, and updates to the mobile apps are soon-to-come.

Foursquare Menus
Foursquare Menus

Foursquare keeps on expanding into new spaces: the service that originally started as a simple check in platform has since added badges, discounts, and a recommendation engine. Now the company has announced a partnership with SinglePlatform to bring menus from 250,000 restaurants in major US cities to the service. That means the happy-go-lucky social network is now competing directly with companies like Yelp, MenuPages, and Zagat, except it has an entire database of user check-ins to (theoretically) provide spot-on recommendations. The menus complement the "Explore" recommendations that Foursquare added to its web offering last week. You can find the menus now on Foursquare's mobile and desktop websites, and the company says updates to the mobile apps are coming soon.