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Transformer Prime owners in UK get extended warranties from Asus

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Asus is extending the warranty for Transformer Prime users in the UK, and has also reminded them that they can get a full refund from the point of sale.

Transformer Prime
Transformer Prime

Asus has been pretty open about the GPS problems with its Transformer Prime tablet, removing the faulty module from its list of specifications and then announcing a redesigned version. Now, a message on the company blog is attempting to assuage any fears UK customers may have about the device. First, Asus suggests that anyone unhappy with the Prime's performance return it to the retailer for a full refund, though this is already covered by the UK's Sale of Goods Act for products that don't "conform to contract" (i.e. meet the manufacturer's claims). Secondly, Asus is offering to extend the warranty from 12 to 18 months, which seems like an odd solution for a design problem that's apparent out of the box. We still recommend the Transformer Prime as one of the best Android tablets currently out there, but we'd advise anyone thinking about the current model to write off its GPS functionality.