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GM augmented reality window prototype will entertain you, make your back hurt

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GM has partnered with Bezalel Academy of Art and Design to create apps for prototype augmented car windows, which would allow users to use the window as an interactive display.

GM Smart Window
GM Smart Window

Sure, we knew Samsung's windows were getting smarter, but now your car windows may be joining in as well. GM asked students at Israel's Bezalel Academy of Art and Design to come up with apps that could be used in prototype augmented windows, which were then tested in a full-size model of a rear passenger seat. The apps use motion and optical sensors to let you draw or write on the windows, look through the windows of other cars, and send and receive messages — as long as you're willing to twist sideways in your seat for the duration of the trip.

The project is similar to Toyota's concept from last year, and some of the apps seem simply intuitive, like Foofu, which simulates drawing in steam on a window. Others, however, rely on sharing of music, messages, or pictures. It's not too different from what you'd normally be doing on a smartphone, but it is an interesting contrast to the standard idea of cars as bastions of isolation. Of course, GM isn't planning to roll these out any time soon, so you may not want to forget the rules to I Spy just yet.