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Asus Transformer Prime update improves GPS performance?

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An update to the Asus Transformer Prime appears to have improved GPS performance, if posts on xda-developers are to be believed.

Asus EEE Transformer Prime
Asus EEE Transformer Prime

The latest twist in the Asus Transformer Prime saga is here, with an over-the-air firmware update that supposedly goes some way to improving the tablet's much-maligned GPS performance by updating the driver — if posters on xda-developers are to be believed. We'll have to get our own confirmation of this, as a teardown of the Prime and subsequent announcement of a redesigned model seemed to indicate that the GPS issues were inherent to the hardware design. One thing the update definitely does seem to do is break root access for anyone who's that way inclined, though it looks like it's simple enough to get it back. In any case, we'd exercise caution, and will let you know our own impressions of the update as soon as possible.