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Apple announces iBooks 2, a 'new textbook experience for the iPad'

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Apple announces iBooks 2, focusing on education and textbooks.

iBooks 2
iBooks 2

Apple has just announced iBooks 2 for the iPad at its education event in New York City, calling them a "new textbook experience." The newly designed books are graphical, interactive, and make use of features like 3D imaging, embedded video, and multitouch gestures. The company seems to be taking cues from several applications which have been available for the iPad such as Frog Dissection and Solar System, both of which Apple called out at the event. They're also beefing up the notetaking functionality of the iPad, and the books will be available for purchase in the iBookstore directly. No news on content partnerships yet, which is unquestionably the biggest hurdle, but we have a feeling Apple has a few announcements to come in that area today.

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