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Android gets an official Wikipedia app

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Wikipedia has released an Android app for its service. The app allows users to browse mobile wikipedia, share articles, and save them for offline use.

WIkipedia android
WIkipedia android

After years of being iOS-only, the official Wikipedia app has finally come to Android. Like the iPhone app, the Android one pulls from the mobile site, letting you bookmark pages or search for entries located near you. It looks like Android users will get a few extra perks, though — they'll be able to save articles for offline use, use Android's "Share" function, and view any given article in a different language, rather than switching the language of the whole site. A few reviewers have mentioned problems with the GPS not quitting correctly when the app is closed, but so far it seems to have avoided the crashing bug that continues to plague the iOS version.

The app has been up since last week, and was getting plenty of press yesterday as one of the ways to access Wikipedia during its 24-hour blackout. With the main Wikipedia site back up and running, this news may seem slightly less urgent, but there's still plenty in here to please Android users.