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Nike's Nike+ FuelBand wristband tracks your every movement

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Nike announced the Nike+ FuelBand today, a wristband that tracks your movement and rewards you for being active

Nike FuelBand
Nike FuelBand

Nike announced the Nike+ FuelBand this morning, a wristband that tracks your every movement — and tries to convince you to maybe add a little more movement to your life as well. The FuelBand tracks time, calories, and steps, as well as NikeFuel, which is essentially points earned for being active. You set an activity goal, and as your NikeFuel points add up, LED lights on the wristband glow to show how close you are to your goal. Everything gets uploaded through Bluetooth or USB to the Nike+ website, where you can track your progress and history. The concept and device both sound a whole lot like the Jawbone Up, which was a great idea but a troubled product — if Nike can do the same thing better, it'll certainly have a hit on its hands. The FuelBand is available for pre-order today, and it'll set you back $149.

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