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Bing maps will bear the Nokia name

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Nokia CEO Stephen Elop says the Nokia name will start to show up on Bing maps, which uses data from Nokia's Navteq, and the company will do more and more work on Microsoft properties in the time ahead.

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Stephen Elop
Stephen Elop

In an interview with Pocket-lint during CES, Stephen Elop said the word "Nokia" will start to show up on maps that you get from Microsoft, including those on BlackBerry devices, which started using Bing last year. It isn't entirely crazy — Microsoft has a close relationship with Nokia's own Navteq, which supplies data for Bing's 3D maps and StreetSide map views. However, Elop also said that "more and more work will be done by Nokia" across all the Microsoft properties in the time ahead. We don't know exactly what he means by that, but it looks like the relationship between Microsoft and Nokia could go beyond just hardware for Windows Phone.