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Google: 250m Android devices, 700,000 activations per day, 11b Market downloads

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As a part of its earnings call today, Google has provided updated stats on Android uptake.

android design
android design

In its earnings call today, Google just announced that there are now some 250 million Android devices in the field, progressing at a rate of 700,000 activations per day — that's no different than the figure that Android boss Andy Rubin threw out last month, but it's 50 million more in total than the number given last November. It also says that some 11 billion apps have been downloaded in the Market; it hit 10 billion in early December, so it's added another billion in about six weeks' time. To put things in perspective, Apple announced that the iOS App Store had reached 18 billion downloads at last count — the company's next earnings call is next week, and we'd expect updated stats then.