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xScope 3 design toolkit adds a free iOS mirroring app and 70 other features

Popular design tool xScope upgraded to version 3 today, adding a free iOS mirroring app, a redesign, and over 70 other new features.


It's been two years since xScope, a handy Mac design toolkit, updated to version 2, and today Icon Factory and ARTIS Software launched xScope 3. The app's got a brand new visual redesign, performance tweaks, and a free mirroring app for viewing parts of your Mac desktop on any iOS device. The app hovers over your workspace and offers a Swiss Army knife of tools including rulers, dimension measures, guides, and a loupe for examining elements close-up. The $29.99 app is a paid upgrade for anyone who bought the app before July 14, 2011. Users that have purchased since can upgrade for free, and for everyone else, it's currently on sale $19.99 in the App Store.