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Samsung poaches child actress from Apple for its latest tablet commercial

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Samsung's Korean TV commercial for the Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE features what appears to be the same child actress who helped promote Apple's iPhone 4S.

Samsung Apple ad child actress
Samsung Apple ad child actress

In case you're unaware, Samsung and Apple are having quite a feud, and over the past few months Samsung's taken the fight from the legal arena to its product advertisements, too. This week's brought us the most curious dig at Apple yet, though: it seems that Samsung has hired the same child actress that promoted the iPhone 4S camera for a Galaxy Tab 8.9 TV commercial in its native Korea. It might just be a coincidence, but considering how many other cues Samsung's taken from Apple recently, we wouldn't put it past the company to capitalize on talent when it sees it. Samsung's actually already pulled the video from its YouTube feed, but you can watch it below, along with the Apple ad.