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PSA: fake 'spotify' app in Windows Phone Marketplace

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A fake spotify app has been posted to the Windows Phone Marketplace, which offers no access to the service.

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In a case of flagrant trademark infringement, an app has been published onto the Windows Phone Marketplace called "spotify." However, when opened, the app has nothing to do with the Spotify music streaming service, and is instead little more than a collection of music-related news feeds and YouTube videos. Unlike the official Spotify app which is free, downloading this will cost you £0.79 (or $0.99). User reception is resoundingly negative, with one reviewer calling the app a "big scam."

The developer, khanamish, also has two other similar apps in the store, though these use original names and focus on finance and sports. It seems unlikely that the spotify app will remain in the store for very long once Microsoft is alerted, but we have to wonder how something so blatant has made it into the curated Marketplace.