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Samsung launches DV300F: $199 dual screen camera with Wi-Fi

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Samsung today announced the DV300F, a new point-and-shoot camera in its DualView line.

Samsung DV300F
Samsung DV300F

Despite all the prognostications of the death of the point-and-shoot, Samsung's not giving up: the company just announced the $199 DV300F, the latest in its DualView line of shooters. Like all DualView cameras, the DV300F has two LCDs, one facing forward to making framing self-portraits easier; the new model has been redesigned to make the front LCD blend with the camera's body, so the 1.5-inch display is virtually invisible when it's turned off. The new 16-megapixel shooter also has Wi-Fi connectivity baked in, and has built-in sharing options that let you send photos and video to Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, and YouTube, as well as back them up online or to a hard drive.

The camera shoots 720p video at 30 frames per second, and has 5x optical zoom plus a nice 25mm wide-angle lens. It also offers plenty of shooting gimmicks sure to please the self portrait-loving crowd: Magic Frame lets you shoot one picture and then insert another shot on top of it, and Funny Face gives you a bunch of goofy expressions to overlay on your images. The DV300F will hit stores in March, though we're betting on seeing it again before then, next week at CES.