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Kinect float at the Rose Parade reminds the world that 'you are the controller'

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Microsoft's Kinect was featured in a float as part of the annual Rose Parade.

Kinect Rose Parade float
Kinect Rose Parade float

If you watched the annual Rose Parade before the Rose Bowl today, you might have noticed a Microsoft Kinect float reminding viewers that "you are the controller." The float featured a variety of athletes, presumably to tie-in to the recently-launched Kinect Sports: Season Two game. Construction of this float has been underway since October 26th, and the Xbox Facebook page has been giving a look behind the scenes by hosting a time-lapse construction video as well as a live feed of its construction up until today. Now that the parade is underway, all we can do is hope that the Occupy Rose Bowl movement doesn't get in the way of a pretty cool float.