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Apple planning a non-TV media-related event in New York this month, says All Things D

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Apple's planning a media-related event in NYC later this month with a likely focus on publishing or advertising, says Kara Swisher.

Apple Newsstand
Apple Newsstand

Apple's planning a media-related event in New York for later this month, says Kara Swisher at All Things D — but it won't be for the iPad 3 or endlessly rumored Apple TV project. Instead, Kara says that it's more likely the event will be be focused on interactive publishing or advertising, as Apple services VP Eddy Cue will somehow be involved. Cue was last on stage in NYC for the launch of The Daily, but if Apple itself is hosting this event just after CES we'd imagine it's working on something a little bit splashier and ambitious — updates to Newsstand or iBooks, or an attempt to revive the company's not-quite-successful iAd initiative, or perhaps it's a new project entirely. We're on the hunt for more info, we'll keep you updated.