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HP Envy Spectre leaked in video; a new HP ultrabook on the way?

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A video of HP Envy Spectre, which appears to be a very thin ultrabook laptop, leaks out.

HP Spectre
HP Spectre

Well, it looks like the Folio 13 isn't the only ultrabook HP has up its sleeve. We had a feeling the Envy Spectre was more than just a 14-inch version of the new Envy when we spotted it at the FCC a few weeks ago, and now an HP employee has daringly sent us a very mysterious video of this new extremely thin laptop. Is it thinner than the MacBook Air or the rest of the new ultrabooks? Does it have a 14-inch Radience display like the old Envy 14? Is it coming to an IMAX theater near you? Is HP having the creators of Heroes design the logo? We don't have answers to any of those questions right now — just the video below which reveals little to nothing — but here's hoping we get some at CES next week.