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LomoKino Smartphone Holder converts 35mm film movies to digital

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Lomography has announced a Smartphone Holder accessory for its Lomokino video camera, allowing users to transfer their 35mm movies directly onto their phones.

lomokino smartphone holder
lomokino smartphone holder

There's no shortage of iPhone apps out there to let you shoot retro-style movies, but the medium is the message — why not do it for real? Lomography's new Smartphone Holder will let you get 35mm LomoKino movies directly onto your phone with minimal fuss, attaching to the separate LomoKinoScope viewer so that you can quite literally film the film yourself. Transferring LomoKino movies to digital was previously a matter of painstakingly scanning frame-by-frame, but now the only thing you have to worry about is getting the film developed. The Smartphone Holder is available in the online and retail Lomography stores for $24.90 — you can see what the results look like below.