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Behringer launches three new Xenyx mixers with iPad support

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Behringer has announced three new mixers with iPad support, allowing for recording to or from the tablet. The Xenyx-series iX1642USB, iX2442USB, and iX3242USB feature 16, 24, and 32 channels respectively.


We've already seen widespread adoption of the iPad in music devices at this year's NAMM Show, and now Behringer has followed suit with three new mixers. The Xenyx-series iX1642USB, iX2442USB, and iX3242USB all feature two-way iPad support that lets you either integrate music from your iPad into your studio session, or record straight to an app like GarageBand on the tablet. For more conventional recording, the mixers connect to a PC or Mac via a single USB cable. The difference between the models seems to be down to the number of channel inputs (16, 24, or 32), with the range featuring 32 editable presets, mic preamps with 130 dB of dynamic range, and simple "one-knob" compression feature. Unfortunately Behringer wasn't able to get these to the show, so we couldn't check them out for ourselves. Pricing also remains a mystery at this point — while small format mixers like this tend to be aimed at bedroom producers, similarly-specced Behringer products sans iPad support can retail from anywhere between $400 and $700.