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SmithsonMartin Kontrol Surface MIDI controller hands-on

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Limited edition, multitouch MIDI controller in a handsome wood case.

Kontrol Surface
Kontrol Surface

SmithsonMartin's Emulator Modular is a software package that lets users create custom UIs for MIDI compliant applications and display them on a multi-touch display. The UI is mapped your software package of choice (ie; Traktor and Ableton Live) and the software supports up to four points of contact. At NAMM today we had the opportunity to check out Kontrol Surface (KS-1974), a large multitouch display that the company has created just for the Emulator software. At first glance, the thing is handsome: a glass case with metal grille along the front, all set in a wooden cabinet that wouldn't look out of place in your grandparents' rec room (circa 1974, perhaps). Except, of course, for the Emulator UI that looks like it belongs on the deck of the Enterprise circa Star Trek: The Next Generation. (We're not complaining!) Compatible with Windows 7 and OS X, you can pre-order now for $2,499.