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Korg Kaossilator 2, Mini Kaoss Pad 2, Monotron hands-on

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Two new Kaoss pads, two new Monotrons. What's not to love?

Korg at NAMM 2012
Korg at NAMM 2012

We took advantage of a lull in the underground renegade rave party that is NAMM to quickly take a look at a number of new outings by Korg. As far as the Kaossilator 2 and Mini Kaoss Pad 2 go, these devices represent an apparent race to the bottom as far as form factor is concerned, although they definitely have that Korg Kaoss sound. The Kaossilator 2 is the phrase synthesizer, featuring 150 PCM sound presets, the ability to play two loops simultaneously, an internal mic to record audio, external storage featuring a microSD card, and a built-in speaker. Powered with either AC adapter or two AA batteries. Look for it in May for an MSRP $220.

The Mini Kaoss Pad 2 is the Kaossilator 2's doppleganger and the latest touchpad-controlled effects processor to come from the company. And like Kaossilator 2, the Mini Kaoss Pad 2 lets you play back MP3s (and vary the pitch), which you can record yourself using the line input or mic and store on the microSD card. Also featured are 100 effects programs, auto BPM detection, pitch change and cue point settings, and more. Also available in May for MSRP $220.

Last but not least we finally got our hands on the new additions to the Monotron family of pocket ribbon synths that we first saw in November. In addition to the headphone and aux output that is standard with the line, Monotron Delay features an analog oscillator, filter, LFO, and the Space Delay that you've been dying to bring back to your Hawkwind cover band. Monotron Duo, on the other hand, has two oscillators and a voltage control filter with cutoff and peak controls. Both are available now for a price of $70.