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Good Deal: Sprint Evo View 4G for $229.99 off contract

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1SaleADay has the Sprint Evo View 4G for $229.99 off contract until midnight Eastern Time.

HTC Flyer Good Deal
HTC Flyer Good Deal

Sprint's Evo View 4G (also known as the HTC Flyer) probably isn't worth the $400 price the carrier typically asks when you buy it with no further commitment. Its single-core processor is a bit outdated, and the included stylus doesn't work with third-party apps as well as it should. However, 1SaleADay now has Sprint's version of the Flyer for $229.99 off contract until 12:00pm Eastern Time tonight. Considering the recent upgrade to Android 3.2 Honeycomb and the fact that our own Creighton DeSimone will be your tablet bud if you buy one, it starts to look like a tempting offer. Of course, you can also get it for $149 if you want to shackle yourself to the black and yellow network, but how much is freedom really worth to you?

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