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3DS DLC and 'Nintendo Network' rebranding to launch with 'Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy'?

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Pictures taken of the Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy box have confirmed that the game supports paid DLC. The box also features a logo for the Nintendo Network — possibly a rebranding of the company's Wi-Fi Connection service.

3DS nintendo network
3DS nintendo network

The box for Square Enix's upcoming Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy game for 3DS has turned up a couple of interesting nuggets. Firstly, it looks like DLC is coming to the system earlier than we thought, as pictures of the box uploaded by Twitter user Joshua_X_ confirm that the game supports paid downloads. It's a rhythm game featuring music from the Final Fantasy series, so it's easy to see how Square Enix might leverage the ability.

Secondly, the front of the box features a new logo marked "Nintendo Network," without any indication of what that might mean. The term has popped up here and there in Japan recently — it's used in Japanese when connecting to the internet in Mario Kart 7 (see above), and an ongoing 3DS photo contest is being hosted at a site on the domain — but this is the first time we've seen a logo or prominent brand placement. It's probable that this is a rebrand of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service, but we'll have to wait until Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy launches in Japan on February 16th to be sure if anything else is going on here.