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White House plans Hangouts on Google+

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The White House now has a page on Google+, and says it will be planning Hangouts on the social network.

State of the Union
State of the Union

Apparently in preparation for the State of the Union address, the Obama White House has launched its own Google+ page. Google+ is the latest of many social networks used by the administration, which has long had a Facebook page and even recently joined Instagram. Obama himself has been on Google+ since November.

Among other things, the White House says it is particularly excited about Hangouts, which Google has lately been expanding and updating. "On our Google+ page, we’ll host regular 'White House Hangouts' with administration officials on a range of issues and topics. Some Google+ users will be invited to join the Hangout with the White House and have a conversation with policy experts," says the first update. The idea of a Hangout with Obama is certainly cool, but with no Hangouts currently planned, we'll have to see if the White House sticks with Google+ — or if, like so many others, they'll be abandoning it once the novelty wears off.