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Android 4.0 runs on an AMD tablet, thanks to the Android-x86 project

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AMD had a curiosity at its CES booth: a MSI Windpad 110W tablet running Android 4.0!

Gallery Photo: MSI WindPad 110W running Android 4.0 hands-on pictures
Gallery Photo: MSI WindPad 110W running Android 4.0 hands-on pictures

We just remembered there was one last curiosity we saw at AMD's suite at CES 2012: this AMD Fusion tablet, running Android 4.0. Before you get too excited, AMD was quick to point out that this MSI WindPad 110W didn't get Ice Cream Sandwich through any effort of its own. What you're looking at is actually the work of the Android-x86 project, which very recently released a test Android 4.0 ISO for AMD Brazos-based tablets like the one above.

The good news is that if you've got such a tablet lying around the house, you can download the ROM yourself. The bad news is that AMD tells us it doesn't officially support the community's efforts here, and you shouldn't necessarily expect AMD devices to run Android in the future. The intriguing news is that if you go to the Android-x86 project's website, you can plainly see that AMD is interested in where this road might go: the company donated some development boards to the project last April, and as of October the AMD "Persimmon" platform of embedded processors — like the one in this Fit-PC3 — are officially a target for new code.

Oh, in case you're wondering, Android 4.0 isn't bad on AMD silicon, but the software isn't all there yet. We scrolled through the UI just fine and even ran a game at AMD's suite, but we also ran into some force closes and a freeze in just a few minutes with the system. Good luck!