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'Alan Wake' hitting PC in February by way of Steam, offers no Games for Windows support

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Alan Wake will arrive on Windows PCs in February via the downloadable Steam storefront.

Alan Wake PC Steam
Alan Wake PC Steam

Psychological thriller Alan Wake will finally be coming to PC in February, according to an FAQ posted on developer Remedy's website. What's more, unlike the console version — published by Microsoft Games for Xbox 360 — Remedy will be self-releasing its PC counterpart as a downloadable title via Steam. That means we won't be seeing any Games for Windows integration; Remedy offered no explanation for brushing off Redmond's offering, saying only that it will be "fully supporting the Steam platform" with achievements and cloud saves. To that end, the company has brought in developers from Nitro Games — already familiar with the ins and outs of Steam — to assist on the PC port, which is said to weigh in around 7.5GB.

Information on recommended specs, 3D compatibility, and other tidbits await you at the source link below. Alan Wake will be available (with The Signal and The Writer DLC included) for Windows XP, Vista, and 7 next month. Sorry Mac users: Remedy has no plans for an OS X release.