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Megaupload dismisses Universal from takedown suit, continues case against others?

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Megaupload has reportedly dropped Universal Music Group from the unlawful takedown lawsuit it filed last month. The case persists against others, however.

MegaUpload Universal Lawsuit
MegaUpload Universal Lawsuit

The Hollywood Reporter is today claiming that Megaupload has dropped Universal Music Group from the unlawful takedown lawsuit filed last month after its celebrity-laden endorsement video was yanked from YouTube. Still, this doesn't mean things are settled just yet; Megaupload's lawyers are believed to be continuing the case against several anonymous "John Doe" parties directly involved in the removal process. Further, the company seems to be less than enthralled with Google's cooperation in proceedings thus far, and is seeking to ensure that records of the incident are preserved. Universal itself isn't in the clear just yet either; the report states the label was dismissed "without prejudice" — legal maneuvering that would permit Megaupload to take things back to the courtroom in the future.

Of course, it's hard to say how likely that would be after founder Kim Dotcom and numerous other Megaupload executives were swept up by authorities following criminal charges filed by the United States Justice Department this week. This saga doesn't show signs of slowing anytime soon, so we'd recommend bookmarking our storystream for the latest developments.