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Visual effects of 'Boardwalk Empire' exposed, layer by layer

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VFX studio Brainstorm Digital has released a video showing off some of its special effects work used in HBO's Boardwalk Empire. The video shows some scenes from season two, and adds the VFX back on, layer by layer.

Boardwalk Empire Visual Effects
Boardwalk Empire Visual Effects

Remember the old days when you could easily point out something in a movie or TV show and tell your friends that it was all special effects? Well, it's getting a bit more difficult to discern what's what nowadays, so thankfully the Brainstorm Digital team — they're responsible for the VFX in HBO's Boardwalk Empire — has released a video peeling off the layers of effects from some shots in season two. Our favorites? Those showing how they brought Atlantic City's boardwalk back to its glory days.