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Raspberry Pi demonstrated running XBMC and AirPlay

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The $25-$35 Raspberry Pi computer has demonstrated its HTPC capabilities, with videos showing XBMC and AirPlay support.

raspberry pi
raspberry pi

While the primary goal of the Raspberry Pi is to get inexpensive ($25-$35), programmable computers into the hands of people everywhere, it also looks pretty handy as an HTPC. We reported a while back that it's capable of 1080p playback over HDMI, and we're now seeing that capability put into practice — namely, with support for XBMC and AirPlay wireless streaming. XBMC is open-source media center software that was first developed for the original Xbox, and the tiny computer can use it to output 1080p video via the OpenMax API. Also demonstrated was an AirPlay application, with a YouTube video streaming smoothly from an iPad to a TV after a few seconds' delay. Production started on the Raspberry Pi a couple of weeks ago, so you should be able to get your hands on one relatively soon.