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CyanogenMod App Store to sell the apps Android Market won't

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A developer from the CyanogenMod team is putting together a CyanogenMod App Store, which will play host to apps that don't make it to the official Android Market for a variety of reasons. The store is likely to be bundled with future versions of CyanogenMod.

cyanogenmod app store
cyanogenmod app store

A new store for apps that have been banned from the Android Market has been proposed by Koushik Dutta, a member of the development team behind the popular CyanogenMod. The store would potentially play host to apps offering emulators, visual voicemail, and tethering, along with other software that has fallen foul of Google's restrictions. It could also provide a convenient haven for developers of apps that require rooted devices, who currently don't have much recourse when non-rooted users download their apps through the Android Market. Dutta says that the plan is to bundle the store with CyanogenMod, with a portion of app sales going towards funding the development project, but that it would also be available for inclusion by any other ROM. A post on Google+ shows a work-in-process version of the store's submission page, with options for developers to set language support and either charge for their app or make it free. It doesn't look anywhere near completion, but it's definitely a project we'll be keeping you posted on.