Talking over each other in the Vergecast


Hey guys,

Love listening to the podcast each week, been listening since it was Ryan & Peter on Engadget, then stuck with it as Josh, Nilay & Paul took over and moved through This is My Next to our new gadget home on the web. Probably my favorite podcast on the web. Certainly my favorite tech podcast. Now, you know there's a butt...

This week's show got a little silly, with all 3 of you talking over each other for 30 minutes, mostly talking about SOPA and even other topics. Now, normally some of that is OK & funny. But not this time. This was Nilay starting to make a point then Josh interrupting to say we know your point and starting to respond, but before finishing Paul jumps in and says that Josh's point which isn't finished yet is wrong these reasons he tried to described before Nilay jumps back in. You must've gone almost 10 minutes without one person holding the floor for more than 5 seconds. That's not good radio, it's bad Crossfire.

You guys ALL have good points, interesting perspectives and excellent knowledge of the issues. And while you can read each other's minds, and some of us can read your minds, it's a lot more effective to hear you actually articulate them. Let Nilay talk for a full minute about the current legal status of file sharing vs. what he thinks is a more common sense approach, and give him the space to investigate that nuance. Let's hear Paul express his frustration with trying to watch new TV shows, and explain why he doesn't just pay for it. Give Josh the mike for a few to expound on the broken state of the DMCA and expound on the dangers of allowing Big Media and uninformed Congress critters set policy for the internet.

That's the show I want to hear, and I'm a tech nerd. For the less obsessed members of the tech community-- the guys that check the Verge twice a week instead of twice a day-- it's the only show they'd listen to more than once.

Let's get it together guys. I know you've said it before, but this time it really was the worst show ever. I mean that in the nicest way possible.Keep up the good work, but a little gooder.

P.S. The staffers on the podcast thing was cool at CES but overkill. Why not have one Verge member each week come on for 2 minutes?