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Absinthe jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 released for Windows

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The Absinthe jailbreak tool is ready to download for Windows users, iPhone Dev Team's CLI tool is now available to download


Just two days have passed since the OSX release of Absinthe, Chronic Dev Team's jailbreaking tool for Apple A5-powered iOS devices, and now Windows users have a version to call their own. Capable of jailbreaking both the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2, Absinthe relies on access to Chronic Dev Team's servers via a VPN tunnel from the device to complete the process. This system led to server crashes and lengthy waits for many on Friday, as users flocked to jailbreak their devices. We've just tested the tool on a Windows machine and managed to successfully jailbreak an iPhone 4S, so it looks as though the server is dealing with the stress this time round.

In addition to Chronic's Windows release, the iPhone Dev Team has announced its command-line interface tool is now ready for download. The tool uses the same system as Absinthe to jailbreak, but allows users to go through the motions step-by-step, with the aim being to isolate any bugs that occur during the process. The team intends to update its GUI-based application, redsn0w "once all the bugs in the flow are worked out."

If you're aware of the risks involved in jailbreaking your device, download links for both tools can be found in the sources below.