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White House hosting Google+ Hangouts interview with President Obama

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US President Barack Obama will be participating in an interview on Google+ Hangouts as part of the social media campaign for this week's State of the Union address.

Obama with an iPad
Obama with an iPad

US President Barack Obama has never been shy about adopting new social media platforms, and now the White House is following through on its promise to host Hangouts on Google+ with a virtual interview scheduled for next week. The administration is accepting questions for the interview via its YouTube channel, and will be inviting some of the authors of the most popular questions to participate directly in the Hangout itself. It caps off the White House's social media strategy in connection with the State of the Union address: during tomorrow's speech, the administration will stream an enhanced version of the event online, featuring charts and informational breakouts, and throughout the rest of the week various administration officials will be participating in Q&A sessions over Twitter. The White House is accepting video question submissions from now through January 28th; the Hangout itself is scheduled for Monday, January 30th at 9pm EST.